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Quilt Show 2024 Challenges

Each year the PVQA Quilt Show poses some fun challenges for quilters.

You can participate in these fun challenges. Find more information below.


Opposites Attract
2024 Quilt Show Challenge Quilt


  1. Your quilt should have three layers and should be quilted and bound, with a 4” sleeve at the top. 


  1. Your quilt should be rectangular. Its size should total between 120” and 180” in perimeter. 


  1. The dominant colors should be complementary: two colors opposite each other on a color wheel. You can use any light and dark values of the two colors. These need not be the only colors in the quilt. You are also free to use black and white.


  1. Your quilt can be any style, modern, traditional, pieced, appliquéd, or any combination of styles. It can be hand or machine quilted. 


  1. It should be finished in time to enter into the PVQA quilt show for 2024: “A Galaxy of Quilts.”


Download the file below for more information and examples.

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