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Bargain Garden

The PVQA Bargain Garden is part of a long tradition for quilt guilds across the United States. Members of the guild, and members of the community, donate quilting, sewing and craft fabric/supplies to the guild. Sometimes folks have cleaned out their sewing rooms. Sometimes heirs want to find a good home for quilting and sewing supplies that won’t be used by the family.

PVQA sells these items to benefit the guild. Bargain Garden also provides an opportunity for quilters on a fixed income to find low-cost, quality fabric and supplies. Bargain Garden also provides some fabric to the other Community Outreach groups.

The biggest Bargain Garden sale is at the annual Pajaro Valley Quilt Association Quilt Show in February of each year. Some items are sold at monthly meetings. Other items may be sold on eBay, or similar avenues. 

Donations are NOT tax deductible, as PVQA is a community organization, and not a 501(c)3 charity.

Sorry, donations of magazines cannot be accepted; they have become difficult to sell or recycle.

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