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Supply Lists for Workshops

If a workshop presenter has given us a Supply List for a class, we will make it available to you on this page. 

Balanced Objects

Supply List for
Phyllis Cullen Workshop
"It's All About the Face"

Supply List and Important Additional Information for

It’s All About the Face!


Sunday March 19/26 10am to 1pm  via Zoom

Layered Portraits, 

Capture a true likeness, EASY and FUN

Phyllis Cullen

General Information

Level: confident beginner on up (some free motion experience is helpful. 

You do NOT need to know how to draw! If you don't have a computer or photoshop I will show you how to work from a printed photo.


Students in this class will learn the layered portrait technique. I will demonstrate how to manipulate photos in photoshop, but for the one day class, I will create at least a week before class,  a custom pattern for each student  based on a photo emailed to me in advance. The photo must be of good resolution (not tiny!) and preferably be of someone's  face, preferably not taken with a flash, and optimally, side-lit. I can crop the face from a larger photo if the resolution is good enough (enough megapixels). Self portraits and adults  are easiest to do; babies are harder.


 If you have a selection of photos, you may email them all to me and I will help you choose, and then you will get a pattern, in class.Anyone who does not send me a photo will have a choice of mine (Hula guy,  Ben Franklin, Johnny Cash, Einstein, Elvis or whoever I feel like printing out at the time).


You can request a  celebrity that I can easily find, or one you see on a website

In class we will use these patterns to cut, fuse and plan the quilting and learn how to quilt these pieces.  


If you are a fast worker, bring batting, backing, and a sewing machine with a free motion foot.

You will choose the size for your portrait, from 8x10 or 16x20.

Class fee, includes a  custom pattern,  handouts  and instructions for creating patterns in photoshop . It also includes access, after class, to a video with step by step construction and quilt line planning of a sample portrait


You can always get further help after class in modifying, embellishing, quilting or finishing your piece by email with me.


Hope to see you there (it's really fun, and you will absolutely amaze your friends and family).


Supply List


 A copy of my book "It's All About the Face" explains the whole process and a great deal more. Buying the book is not required but highly recommended.


 1 yard misty fuse and a can of 505, Easy Tack or other  temporary fabric adhesive spray, 

parchment paper or silicon sheet and scrubby brush 

Red pen or pencil, fine line sharpie

Two clear plastic sheets size of finished piece

Four pieces of tone on tone or batik fabrics in four values (light, med light, med dark, dark) of one color or closely related colors . These should each  be at least the size of your finished piece.  


Prior to class you will need to:

1. Send me three photos . I will make you a custom pattern from the best choice. You may rank your preferences. If none of the photos will work we will discuss via email.

2.Enlarge the pattern I send you to the size you want to make the portrait and make 4 copies of the enlarged pattern (regular computer paper is fine, and 8 x 10 is adequate size)

3. Pick out 4 fabrics you would like to work with  that range in value from very light to very dark. Avoid absolute solids except that the darkest fabric can be solid black, navy, burgundy, forest green etc. Prints are fine as long as most of the values in the print are similarly dark or light etc. Avoid prints with white combined with dark design. 

4. Take a photo of  your fabrics in light to dark order. Desaturate the photo (convert to black and white in your phone or camera) and email me both photos. If you need to change any of the fabrics I will let you know and you will send me fabric arrays until we have one that will work well.

5. Cut your fabrics an inch or so larger all around than your pattern (eg if you are making a 9 x 12 portrait you would cut fabrics more or less 10 x 13. Does not have to be exact.

6. Iron misty fuse to the backs of the fabrics


If you know what background you want to place your portrait on bring a piece of fabric for that. One piece of batting and one of backing slightly larger than finished piece

PDF of this Supply List

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