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Bouquet of Flowers

Very Special Person

Award Winners


The Very Special Person award is given annually to a member who has given notable service to the Guild.  The intention of the VSP Award is to honor members of the Guild who do things for the Guild, often quietly and behind the scenes, not recognized by thank you blocks or other forms of acknowledgement. The following Very Special People are one of the reasons the Guild is so special.

Additionally, the Guild has, on occasion, chosen to recognize special achievements or contributions with an additional award.

History of Very Special Person Award Winners

2022: Jane Nyberg and Kathleen Howard   Special Recognition: Rachel Clark

2021: Claire Witherspoon & Katie Woods     COVID Champion: Kathleen Howard

2020:Heidi Sandkuhle     COVID Champions: Jeanne Holmes; Helen Klee; Lori Camner;
                   Kristie Shulman; Nancy Gonzalez Caro

2019: Doug Green

2018: Alexa Bolas & Nadine Duerksen

2017: Laura Barnett & Cara Lamb

2016: Iris Frank & Jan Sturtevant

2015: Rosa Kitchen

2014: Alex Burke

2013: Cathie Colson

2012: Brenda Cornell

2011: Sandy Helin

2010: Kristie Shulman

2009: Roz Di Natale

2008: Diane Hoxeng

2007: Nancy Goudarzi & Karen Phillippi

2006: Lori Miner

2005: Louise Goodenough

2004: Janice Scharman

2003: Laurie Brixner

2002: Mike McNamara

2001: Jean Prosser & Jan Martin

2000: Mary Rose Hellenthal & Linda Long

1999: Carolyn Miller

1998: Joanne Allen

1997: Rita Mockus

1996: Shauna Moulton

1995: Pam Crooks

1994: Lois Bruce

1993: Betty Sampson

1992: Billie Street

1991: Barbara Gilbert

1990: Ardis Normanly & Nora Wilson

1989: Agnes Edwards

1988: Nina Miller

1987: Janice Brown & Cleda Ross

1986: Betty Whitman

1985: Lavina Ferreira

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