Featured Speaker Julie Silber


Join us for Julie's

Antique Quilt & Road Show Lecture

on Saturday @ 2:00 PM

in the Harvest Building.

Julie Silber is one of the world’s most respected quilt experts. She has been selling antique quilts to museums, businesses, and individuals since 1968. Julie was the curator of the world renowned Esprit Quilt Collection in San Francisco and is the co-author of the critically acclaimed books, Hearts and Hands and Amish: The Art of the Quilt. She has curated two of the most respected quilt exhibitions of modern times — those at The Oakland Museum and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Appraisals by Julie

Julie will be appraising quilts (from antebellum times to the 1960s) on Saturday and Sunday on a limited schedule.

She will be available to appraise between her Saturday presentarion, Sunday's auction, and lunch breaks.

If necessary, a wait-list will be established.

Two kinds of appraisals will be offered:

  • Verbal Appraisal (10 minutes) for $40.00. Appraisal will be given at the time of the meeting.

  • Written Appraisal (15 minutes) for $100.00. Appraisal will be written and mailed out the following week.

Featured Artist Susan Else

Susan's wonderous

3D sculptures will be on

display all weekend

Susan treat's cloth not as a flat surface but as a wild flexible skin for three-dimensional objects. Her work has developed in tandem with the art quilt movement, but she is one of the few artists making figurative sculpture in this medium. Her recent work often incorporates sound, light, and motors. Using cloth to create an alternate universe, and the resulting work is full of contradictions: it is whimsical, edgy, mundane, surreal, and engaging, all at once. Each piece tells a story, but the narrative is always open to interpretation. The power and beauty of the patterned cloth surface play off the form and content of the work, and the result is a dynamic seesaw of meanings and possibilities.