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Calm Sea

Featured Speaker and Artist 
Karen Foster
The Capitola Quilter!



February 24, 2024 


Karen is an award-winning quilter who lives in Capitola, California. She considers her style eclectic, evolving and broad in scope. Karen especially enjoys infusing her own voice into projects, working in a series and designing improvisational with intent. She hope her quilts will inspire others to discover the process that brings them creative joy and self expression.

Karen will be doing a "trunk show" lecture, with a selection of her quilts on display during the show. She will also be around during the weekend to respond to any questions. 


JH Log Cabin.png

Special Exhibit Presenter
Jenny Hurth

Fiber Art From Pandemic Debris

Jenny will be present at various times during the show to give inspiration, information, and to discuss design choices in her quilts. She is not scheduled as a speaker. 


From Jenny Hurth:

My Background

I have always worked as a seamstress.  I started making quilts as school fundraisers when my kids were little and I got hooked.  For decades I've been working with salvaged materials - in my quilts and in  other business and creative ventures, large and small.    

What set me off

I'm a big fan of scavenging.  There's plenty of possibility in what gets tossed out.  I felt there was a story in the Covid waste I was seeing in the streets.  Sewing people often wonder what they can do with bits of textile - I wanted to make quilts out of pandemic flotsam.

Jenny Hurth.png
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