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2024 Auction Entry Form
Before completing this entry form, read the Auction Guidelines
  • Deadline for entry is January 31, 2024 or 42 total entries, whichever comes first.

  • Please use your mouse or the Tab key to go from one input field to the next. Do not use the Enter key!

  • Fields marked with an asterisk * are required

  • The Labels Committee will proofread all entries and correct spelling, punctuation and minor grammatical errors. If significant changes are recommended or necessary (e.g. the description is too long to fit on the label) the Labels Committee will contact you.

Name and address of the person responsible for this entry (individual or group representative). A letter confirming the sales price and proceeds, and a check (if applicable), will be sent to this person. Outreach group representatives will receive a letter confirming the sales price and proceeds, and a check will be sent to the PVQA Treasurer.

Donation, Consignment or Outreach? Select one.

(You must enter two quilts to get 75% of the highest winning bid. The quilt with the lower winning bid is a donation to the guild.)

(You must have already entered one.) If you are a contributor to a Small Quilt Group Donation Quilt, enter the Quilt Title of the Small Quilt Group donation quilt below.

(Each outreach group is allowed three.)

(You must have already entered one.)

(You must have already entered two.)

Do you want this quilt to have a starting bid (minimum bid) dollar amount?

Require a minimum bid?
Upload Photo

A photo is required for each entry, however, the photo is not required to submit this form. If you are unable to upload a photo at this time, please contact Kristie Shulman or Alexandra Burke to arrange a way of submitting a photo. The photo should be of good enough quality to give the auction committee an idea of the general color and design. Try to keep the image file size as small as possible. The maximum file size for the uploaded image is 15 MB. The file must be in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF format.

Terms & Conditions

I agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the PVQA Quilt Show Committee.

Insurance is my responsibility.

I hereby give permission to PVQA to photograph this entry and use the photo for promotional purposes. I also understand that
the public may photograph and/or videotape the exhibits for personal use.

Please hit the "Submit" button only once.

It may take a moment for the confirmation screen to appear.

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