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2024 PVQA Quilt Show
Auction Entry Guidelines

Individuals and small quilt groups may enter two quilts. One is a donation to PVQA and the other is a consignment quilt. This year, quilters will receive 75% consignment for the quilt with the highest winning bid, as long as you enter a donation quilt. All quilts must be at least 1,300 square inches (minimum 36”x36”for example).

  • Individuals: Maximum two quilts

  • Small Quilt Groups: Maximum two quilts, with consignment from the highest winning bid for the group.

  • An individual who is listed as the maker to a small quilt group’s donation quilt: may enter one quilt that is your consignment. You must identify the groups’ donation quilt on the entry form. If you are a contributor to multiple small quilt groups donation quilts, you may enter up to two quilts for consignment. 

    • Only one maker per group quilt can use that as their consignment, groups should identify the contributing quilter that is using the group donation quilt as their donation to match the consignment quilt. i.e. if three quilters ae listed as donation quilt contributors only one can claim the group quilt as their consignment

  • Outreach groups: Maximum of three quilts from each group. Outreach groups are All Star Quilters for Kids, Apple Piecers, and Quilters for Hospice. All money raised goes to the Outreach group.

Deadline for entry is Wednesday, January 31, 2024 or 42 total entries, whichever comes first. If you have any questions, contact the Live Auction Chair, Kenee Houser, via the contact form on the website or find her contact info in your membership roster.  You may bring your quilts to the auction table in the Harvest Building by 10:00 AM on Friday, February 23, 2023.


All quilts must have a maker’s label but they do not need a sleeve. Remember that the live auction is a major fund-raising event for PVQA. Only clean, well constructed quilts will be accepted.

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