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2024 Quilt Show Entry Form
Before completing this entry form, read the Quilt Show Guidelines 
  • The due date for entries is January 8, 2024. Each item must have a label/claim check attached. Please use the 2024 Quilt Label-Claim Check to create your label. Each quilt must have a 4″ sleeve securely sewn to the top back upon delivery. Failure to provide a sleeve will result in your quilt not being exhibited.

  • To review the submission and sales guidelines please refer to 2024 Quilt Show Guidelines.

  • If an entry was created by a group, please select one person to enter the item - otherwise, each quilt needs to be entered by the maker.

  • NOTE: Please use your mouse or the Tab key to go from one input field to the next. Do not use the Enter key!

  • Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

  • The Labels Committee will proofread all entries and correct spelling, punctuation, and minor grammatical errors. If significant changes are recommended or necessary (e.g. the description is too long to fit on the label) the Labels Committee will contact you.

2024 Quilt Division

: A Galaxy of Quilts

: Opposites Attract

: quilts to be hung with others of the same theme (small quilt group challenge, round robin, etc.)

: doll, tote, bag, purse, pincushion, pillow or mini quilt

: Artist under 18 years

If the division selected is Group Display or Workshop Quilts, enter the name of the group/project or workshop/instructor in the field below.

PVQA Member?

For non-members, you will be able to pay via a link to PayPal after you submit the form

Priority: Enter up to 5 quilts. If entering multiple quilts, indicate each quilt's priority (1-5) and it will be included if space permits. This does NOT apply to Wearable Arts, Display Case Items, or Bed Turning.

For Wearable Arts and Display Case items, please enter 0 (Zero).

Quilt Method
Is this item for sale?

If for sale, do you wish to have your quilt displayed in the Quilts for Sale area, where buyers will have the option to take the quilt upon purchase?

NOTE: This option only applies to quilts entered in the General Exhibit. Entries in other divisions will be displayed in those exhibits and remain in the show until take-down.

Select an option
Upload Picture

A photo is required for each entry, however, the photo is not required to submit this form. If you are unable to upload a photo at this time, please contact Kristie Shulman or Alexandra Burke to arrange a way of submitting a photo. The photo should be of good enough quality to give the layout committee an idea of the general color and design. The maximum file size for the uploaded image is 15 MB. The file must be in PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF format.

Terms & Conditions

I agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the PVQA Quilt Show Committee.

Insurance is my responsibility.

I hereby give permission to PVQA to photograph this entry and use the photo for promotional purposes. I also understand that the public may photograph and/or videotape the exhibits for personal use.

Please hit the "Submit" button only once.

It may take a moment for the confirmation screen to appear.

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